It begins…

Hey Dwellers – it’s been a long time in the making and I am amazed to see the surge of attention and support so soon after starting.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the community of artists here in London, and Ontario as a whole. If you have any ideas or suggestions to help the scene, we’re happy to hear and encourage you to send us a message – whether it be bands you’d like to see, venues you prefer to attend, event ideas, ways to connect with local or outside artists, or would like us to share your music, service, events or articles. You can help us by sharing your thoughts, sharing this page and, most importantly, supporting your local acts.

Keep on bringing attention to your favourite music in town, attend local shows, and leave a comment on the blog or our Facebook page – your presence and support is what helps drive and inspire all this incredible creativity that exists within arm’s reach.


Author: K. Hawthorne

K. Hawthorne -Forest Dweller Inc. Admin -Vocals/Guitars at Vow of Thorns

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